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A Week to Go: Ian Sadler

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Ian Sadler

BxClinic Clinical Director / Several Marathons Under His Belt

Status Update: A Few Days To Go

Now, with just under a week to go before our marathon in Edinburgh, things are starting to become ‘real’! There is no more time to train, and no more time to recover from injuries prior to the event.

For me personally, the Rat Race 20 mile, 200 obstacle, race took more energy out of me than I anticipated and the training over the last weeks leading up to the big event of the Marathon has proved less than I hoped.

So I have not done as many long runs as I planned. That said, I am injury free and my training plan has left me stronger and with better endurance than I could have hoped for – and I’m suffering no ill effects in terms of injury. So all in all, while I feel that the finish time I initially visualised may well have slipped to the right I am very confident in completing the course and crossing the finish line with a smile on my face, and that of our team!