Army PTI Course - Debrief

Army PTI Course – Debrief

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Half Way Through

I have now been back from the Army PTI course for a couple of weeks, and this has given me time to reflect on the experience and benefits that this new learning brings to my clinical practice as part of the BxClinic team.

Most directly it served as a good refresher of basic muscular anatomy and the effects of physical training on the body. The most useful knowledge gained is in helping to plan exercise programs with a view to returning from injury, to be stronger and fitter than ever. This is applicable to all, whether you are a competitive athlete, or need to keep up with your dog as you take him for his daily exercises.

It was extremely gratifying also to be able to share knowledge regarding injury prevention, the importance of correct stretching form and timing, and how to select the correct running shoe for yourself, with others on the course and therefore to the greater Army.

All in all it was a valuable experience and I feel I have gained a lot, both personally and in my clinical practice. As the Army have now asked if I might consider a move from the Medical Corps to the Army Physical Training Corps, it looks like this may be the first of many experiences and exchanges of knowledge. I am considering the challenge.

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    January 11 to 23. 2016

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