Our Clinic Team

Ian Sadler – Clinical Director

Ian Sadler Clinical Director BxClinic
“I consider myself immensely fortunate that not only am I doing a job that I’m passionate about but I also enjoy helping a wide range of people, from those suffering from debilitating arthritis to elite sportspeople.”Ian

Hi, I’m Ian Sadler and I’m the Clinical Director of BxClinic in Norwich. Since June 2008 I have been building Norfolk Biomechanics Clinic (now BxClinic) from a ‘one man band’ renting space in up to 9 location each week, to where we are now, a permanent premises on Thorpe Road with purposefully designed consulting rooms and state of the art technology, I couldn’t be more proud of what our small team has been achieved.

I consider myself fortunate that not only am I doing a job that I’m passionate about but I also enjoy helping a wide range of people, from those suffering from debilitating arthritis to elite sports people. I’m involved in spreading the word on the importance of understanding biomechanics to physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths and I constantly develop and increase my own learning on the subject through the academic circuit where I lecture and share ideas on biomechanics throughout the world.

I first became interested in the area of biomechanics during my time serving as a battlefield medic in the British Army in elite and Special Forces, during which time I treated many lower limb injuries in various fields of operation.

After leaving the army I studied for a medical degree specialising in podiatry and orthotics. I went on to work for the NHS before moving to the UK’s leading biomechanics technologies company as its principal clinician and orthotics consultant. Here I was involved in the development of digital gait analysis technologies, designing protocols for academic study and clinical use and the prescription of orthotic insoles. We now integrate the best of these technologies in our clinical practice. In recent years I have been working on introducing 3D printing technologies to the prescription of orthotic insoles, again working to translate the exciting new technology into usable clinical systems.

When I am not at the clinic or lecturing I am still involved with the army as a Physical Training Instructor for the Reserve Forces. I’m a keen recreational athlete myself and take part in running and adventure sport events whenever I can.

Nicola Walker – Assistant Clinician

“We pay exhaustive attention to detail in every area – for example we visit our suppliers’ factories to ensure our prescriptions are produced and finished to our unique requirements. Finding out about you and your needs is key to your successful treatment”Nikki

Hello, I’m Nicola Walker and I’m the Clinical Assistant at BxClinic in Norwich.

Throughout my working career, I have been fortunate enough to have had a variety of roles within the employed and self employed sector. I served within the British Army for a number of years and this is where I first met Ian, as a couple of fresh faced eager Combat Medics.

I became interested in working in the medical profession in my early 20’s as the medical field to me, is both exciting and ever changing. Each day presents new information and challenges keeping things interesting.

I am delighted to be back working alongside Ian at BxClinic. We have a great working relationship built on 20 plus years of friendship. My roles at BxClinic will be developing over the coming months and I’m excited to be seeing where it will develop and take me. Areas of particular interest are, anatomy, movement and how the body works.

When I’m not working or running around after my three children, I enjoy refurbishing and upcycling furniture as well as finding new craft beers to try and critique.

Martine Lofty – Administrator & Receptionist

Martine Lofty Administrator and Clinical Receptionist BxClinic
“It’s lovely to chat with patients and meet such a wide variety of people.”Martine

Hi, I’m Martine Lofty, Company Administrator for BxClinic. I have been here for over six years and I love running ‘front-of-house’, meeting our patients and helping with every aspect of their journey with us.

My previous roles have been in both the public and private healthcare industry as well as administrative positions with a number of local companies, both very big and very small.

I love working at BxClinic, it’s a very supportive team and lovely friendly place of work. It sounds corny but I have a real passion for customer service and I love to make patients feel welcome and at ease upon arrival, getting to know them and supporting them through their journey with us. I am your first port of call, answering all and any questions relating to all the clinic has to offer. My aim is to help you feel at ease in your journey with us.

I have two adult daughters, as well as my other little girl, my dog Saffy. We are a close and friendly family loving our lives in Norwich and exploring Norfolk, particularly the Norfolk Coastline, taking Saffy for long beach walks whenever possible.

You – Our Patients

What do we do and who can we help?

As Biomechanics, we specialise in issues relating to joint malfunction in the lower body, which can include everything from leg length discrepancy to knee pain, bunions and toe deformities.

This means that we can help anyone and everyone who is suffering from any lower body pain. And we do.

You do not need to be referred to us by your GP; anyone can get in touch with us.

There is no categorizing the patients that come to BxClinic. Our patients vary hugely: from an octogenarian suffering from arthritis, to an elite sports person suffering severe shin pain, or a post-operative patient following a hip replacement.

Our patients are you and the many others like you who suffer from a multitude of different issues relating to poor functioning biomechanics; from lower back pain, hip pain, knee problems to bunions and arthritis.

You are part of our team, and as such we like to involve you from the outset. At the initial consultation we take the time to listen carefully to everything you tell us and explain suggested treatments and realistic outcomes. When treatment begins we will involve you in your recovery plan and encourage you to be pro-active, taking a holistic view of your health.

We find that the more engaged you are with your treatment, the more you will understand why we do what we do, and the more effective the treatment tends to be.

Patients also look to us for preventative advice, and this is an important part of the service we offer. If, for example, you are an experienced sportsperson preparing for a big competition, or someone preparing to run a half marathon for the first time, we offer guidance on proper preparation, appropriate footwear and exercise regimes, thus working to avoid injury.

And with our arms forces connections, we can even offer help and advice for those preparing for the rigours of selection, Sandhurst, or the Royal Marines.

Patients who might be considering surgery for bunions, fusion of the bones for arthritis or similar are also encouraged to talk to us first. Surgery is often painful with a long recovery time and is not always guaranteed to work. We take a different approach, by considering the forces which have caused the issues in the first place (the malfunctioning biomechanics) we can often reduce the pain through precision made orthotics and a tailored exercise plan, so surgery is not required.

The more engaged you are with your treatment the more you will understand why we do, what we do and the more effective the treatment tends to be.