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WHen it comes to home comforts, the cooler months have always been a difficult time for those with orthotic insoles: uncomfortable feet, your aches and pains coming back, and even more damage being done to your joints and muscles. And all because you can’t fit your orthotic insoles into your comfortable old slippers.

Well, we have been working hard to find a solution for your problem for years now, and are pleased to say we have now found just the thing!

We've chosen Strive as our slippers provider for custom-made orthotics; their feel-good footwear has been carefully developed to give you healthy goodness with every step you take.

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  • Anonymous

    “ Love my Ibiza sandals. This is my second pair and I've already ordered another style and can't wait until they arrive."

  • Felicity

    “ I love these shoes - I thought I had to stop wearing the flip flop style but am delighted to say that they are so comfortable and my feet are very supported."

  • Joan

    “ Strive shoes were recommended by a friend, so thought I would try a pair. So glad I did. I am still in the early days of wearing them, but so far so good. They are really comfortable and fit like a glove."

  • Marzena

    “ A very comfortable sandals, the best I have ever bought! An exellent customer service."

  • Anonymous

    “ Very comfortable and accurate sizing. Great for my feet and really help me with my over pronation problem. Can wear them all day long!"

  • Barbara (Ibiza Black)

    “ I am delighted with the sandals that were recommended and supplied by your clinic. The sandals are very comfortable, easy to wear, finished to a high standard, high quality, and most importantly look good! It is so refreshing to find I can now purchase modern sandals even though I wear orthotics. Well done BxClinic for sourcing, researching and providing such wearable, good looking and fashionable footwear. I am so pleased with my sandals I have ordered a second pair in a different style."

Custom Slippers Made Simple!

Custom-made slippers with built-in orthotics is now a simple and easy process for you:

Firstly, we ask you to come in to see us and have a cast of your feet taken. We'll keep this cast on record with the manufacturer, so you won't need to do this again if you buy additional pairs later, or indeed, buy some custom made sandals for the summer.

Once that's done, we'll produce your orthotic prescription, and ship it with your cast to the manufacturer. They'll manufacture the orthotic so that it's built right into the slipper, and ship them directly to your door. Have a look at this year's styles, and book in for an appointment to have your feet casted!

Just £395 per pair for either style, which includes the casting appointment, manufacturing, and delivery straight to your door.

2 Styles Available - £395 per pair


Vienna Classic Tan


Vienna Black

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