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Edinburgh 2016 Runner’s Profile: Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson

Prosthetist Orthotist / hill & long-distance walker


I am a 34 year old who has been running on and off since I was 24. I have a difficult relationship with exercise, though I desperately wish it was an easier one. I really enjoy walking and walking long distances, and find that though this is not as good training it takes up part of my training regime, simply because I have a dog and not all that many hours to dedicate to training.

Running History

I work as a Prosthetist Orthotist (fitting artificial limbs) in Essex, though I used to live in Norfolk, hence my association with Ian and James and the clinic. Ian has often been a huge help with what he sees as simple pointers which have helped me in improving my technique and speed. I used to just drag myself round a run, but after a few helpful hints and some manipulation on a rather painful foot I was able to improve my time from 10minute miles to 8minute miles for my last half marathon in 2013. However after a tough year personally, I have also had a tough year with my training, and I am going to be more than comfortable with simply completing this! I am aiming to run 9½ minute miles, though like I say I will be more than happy with a simple finish! As it has been such a difficult journey this year I am really grateful that I have had this to aim for, and with the encouragement and help from Ian to ensure that I keep going no matter how tough it is.


My early morning runs are usually my best time to perform, but dragging myself out is often a struggle. Sometimes I end up going out in the evenings, which isn’t so valuable. Evenings are my dog-walking time of day, too, and Penny (my beautiful Dalmation) requires lots of attention. I tend to go slower with her, as I fear she’s gone if don’t keep a close eye!