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Edinburgh 2016 Runner’s Profile: Martin Truelove

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Martin Truelove

AVIVA Product Manager / Longtime fun-runner


I have always been a jogger really; the occasional good 10k time and a few longer runs at a slow but enjoyable pace. I got into cross country obstacle races a few years ago and have found this a hugely enjoyable experience. It suits my “running for pleasure not time” mentality. I always found at about 9 miles my legs would cramp up -usually the calves. Ian noticed in a race photo of me I had a what he technically called a “flailing Wang leg!”, which may be the cause of my cramps. He helped me straighten up my form, and recommended clinical pilates. Since then, and with a better stretching regime I’ve been cramp free for over a year now!

Training Plan and Goal

The training programme Ian worked out for me has allowed me to steadily build up to the marathon. With two months to go I’m at 12-13 miles and feel good about the steady increase between now and then. My goal is to complete the marathon in under 4 hours 30 minutes, but I will be delighted with anything under 5. I have quit smoking as well this year and seeing the improvement in my running has motivated me to keep it up. Since really stepping up the training I am much more competitive about my times and have got quicker and quicker over shorter distances.

Buildup Events

It’s not all gone well! Life kinda gets in the way and I do like a beer or 8 every now and again. I also struggle with motivation sometimes, and can go whole weeks without doing stuff. But, the guys I am training with post something on Facebook or jokingly call me a fat git (or something ruder) and that gets me back out. I got ill a while ago and lost lots of time and weight, but I kept the weight off and now I’m a racing snake!

With two months to go I’m on track for my desired time but if I don’t get it I won’t be sad as I love running, I love Edinburgh, I love the celebratory beer we’ll have after the race, and I don’t mind too much the company I’ll be running with.