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Edinburgh 2016 Runner’s Profile: Sally Howard

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Sally Howard

Ex-Army Cross-Country Runner / First Time Full Marathon

Introduction & Motivation

Ihave always enjoyed running from a young age. I found great pleasure in competing in school sports day and then running cross country level for the British army. When I had my children it also gave me chance for some ‘me’ time. There’s nothing better than a run in the countryside on a sunny day. The added bonus is that I can have that extra glass of wine and pudding on a weekend!

I have always swayed towards short fast runs – cross country type, and not road running. I’ve completed a few half marathons but never had the desire to run 26 miles. Though my mum has completed 5 full marathons and only started running when she was 40. So….no pressure there. So my goal and bucket list tick is to complete a full marathon.

Training Plan & Build-Up

Ian Sadler organised many running events for us all, in order to build up for the big day. Ian has ensured that they are fun but challenging, and also relevant to our training. Plus, adding a little bit of competition between us all. We have a great group taking part in these events, and have plenty of motivational banter; and we celebrate our achievements in style.
Posting our runs on a group app definitely helps to get you off the sofa!! We actually took part in one last weekend. Ian has given us all great training plans too, so that we can record our training. He often likes to see them so he can advise us and praise us for good work !!! I’m sure we always record the whole truth!
The plan details when to increase our miles, which is great for me, as I tend to stick to my comfy short distances; it helps to be visually told I need to up my miles!
As Ian is the best runner out of us all he is often never out of breath; therefore enabling Ian to give us advice on the hop, which he is often asked for!
One of the great benefits Ian has highlighted to me is the importance of stretching after every run (as I never did any). As the years are creeping up on me, so were the injuries – but with Ian’s advice and showing me stretches I can say I am able to run more often and, fingers crossed, injury free. Ian has also showed me pre-run stretches as I often have very tight calves. I hope to run for many more years so will ensure I stretch after each run.

I am very much looking forward to the big day, the run, the banter, the celebrations, hopefully the feeling of a achievement after the event and mostly the great memories I know we will all get.