Foot & Ankle Pain Treatments

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Do you suffer from any of the following common foot and ankle pains: bunions; hammertoe; pain in the front part of your foot; burning or numbness in the balls of your toes; heel pain; flat or high arched feet? You are not alone; these are some of the most common conditions that patients seek help for at Norfolk’s BxClinic.

Patients frequently helped by our treatments include athletes and those who run or walk a lot for exercise, people whose job requires constant standing, those wearing non-supportive footwear, particularly high heels, and people prone to diabetes or obesity.

At BxClinic our clinicians specialise in detailed gait analysis using sophisticated technology. The acupuncture we use in clinic works on the principle that the micro trauma caused by the needles, when correctly positioned, stimulates an immune response that accelerates the body’s natural healing capacity and brings pain relief.

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  • foot acupuncture
  • When you foot pain is acute, you may be struggling to walk normally when you first come to see us. We always aim to undertake a thorough assessment of the correct functioning of your limbs and joints in your lower body (your biomechanics), to discover the underlying cause of your pain so we can eliminate it with appropriate therapy. If however your foot pain is such that you are unable to walk normally, we will need to alleviate the soreness before we undertake the assessment.

    Acupuncture is very beneficial for giving quick, effective relief from acute pain caused by common foot problems; particularly plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, big toe joint pain, arthritis, and neuroma.

    We often use acupuncture at BxClinic to complement our other therapies. The acupuncture we use in clinic works on the principle that the micro trauma caused by the needles, when correctly positioned, stimulates an immune response that accelerates the body’s natural healing capacity and brings pain relief.

Foot manipulation treatment for foot & ankle pain

  • We ask an awful lot of our feet and our aim at BxClinic is to make sure they work properly for you. Feet are complex structures and we rely on them for balance and the ability to stand, walk, run and climb. Under stress, the complicated joint system can easily go wrong. Joints can become ‘stiff’ or ‘stuck’ when the joints around them are not being used properly.

    Foot Manipulation Treatment (FMT) can be an incredibly effective technique for relieving your joints of stiffness. Mobilising the foot joints and stretching the soft tissues can relieve pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis, heel pain and trapped nerves and help improve muscle function.

    Effective foot manipulation can sometimes be all you need to recover from your pain and eliminate the need for more invasive procedures. Other times, a very positive effect on the outcome of your therapy and relief from various foot, ankle and heel pains can be achieved by combining FMT with orthoses we prescribe.

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Orthoses for Foot & Ankle Pain

  • Orthotics for Foot and Ankle Problem
  • If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, orthoses (a custom made shoe insole), will make a significant difference to your discomfort. Ian Sadler, BxClinic’s lead clinician, is a leading expert in orthoses.

    Our specialist foot scan system will assess the way you walk (your gait), it measures your foot and leg movement precisely. From this we assess the underlying cause of your problem. Often, people’s lower body biomechanics has become misaligned. Where appropriate we will recommend wearing our precision crafted orthoses tailored to fit your exact needs. The orthoses (orthotics) will correct your body’s alignment by altering your foot movement pattern and giving support, this reduces pressure, relieving the pain.

    Orthoses can help many people with various foot and ankle issues including heel and ball of foot pain, flat and high arched feet, chronic arthritis and those who participate in demanding sports (there’s orthotics specifically for running). Made well orthoses are very effective in correcting foot and ankle issues without the need for surgery.

Stretches & Exercises for Foot & Ankle Pain

  • The muscles in your feet may become tight or weak due to the way your foot works or is asked to work by your leg. This in turn can aggravate some of the most common foot problems, particularly plantar fasciitis and heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, toe pain and under/over pronation (flat/high arched feet).

    Athletes, sportspeople and those who run or partake in exercise where there is a lot of pressure on the feet and ankles (dancers, runners, walkers) are particularly prone to seek pain relief and assessment at BxClinic, as are people who gain weight including pregnant mothers with temporary weight gain.

    Foot problems are often greatly improved by appropriate foot and ankle stretches and strengthening exercises given to you at BxClinic. You will also be given exercises for other parts of the body that may be weak and causing your pain or discomfort, or we may suggest a complementing treatment.

  • Stretches for foot and ankle pain


BxClinic specialises in biomechanics and we work within the scope of our practice and expertise to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for our patients. There are times when our assessments of a patient’s condition determine that the best course of treatment is with a clinician of a different expertise.

A good example of this might be a burning heel pain caused indirectly by a back problem; for example a trapped sciatic nerve. Treating the heel pain would be inappropriate, so we would refer to a partner clinic better suited to help with the back. Where appropriate we may also refer patients for scans.

We work with a range of partners including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, Pilates teachers, sports rehabilitators and local specialist shops.

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The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering
and a work of art.

Leonardo da Vinci

What Patients Say

  • Mark

    Rambler, treated with orthotics

    “We’re in the ramblers now, and last week we went walking in Scotland: 15, 16, 17 miles a day. They’re obviously working perfectly!

  • Myrna

    Patient treated with foot manipulation and orthotics

    “I no longer have to worry about what activities I won’t be able to do because of my foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Everything has been fantastic and I’m thrilled.

  • Sarah

    Patient treated with stretches and exercises

    “I came away with an understanding of the pain I felt, a detailed explanation of where, why and how the pain/discomfort had reached the level it had.