Reviews for Foot & Ankle Treatments

We Value Your Feedback

We are excited to receive foot & ankle pain reviews online, as well as testimonials during patient follow-ups at our facility in Norwich, Norfolk. The feedback delights us and we implement it in our day-to-day practice.

This page lists reviews we've been collecting from patients who came to us with foot or ankle pain, and who were prescribed one or more of the following treatments - acupuncture, foot manipulation, orthoses, or stretches and exercises. As you'll be able to see, many of our patients have interrelated pain in more than one body area.

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Injury Recovering Swiftly

"A very personal, thorough and friendly experience of healthcare. Advice, exercises and in shoe support were all conducive to my injury recovering swiftly."Helen (50's), patient follow-up, December 2015

The Right Fit

"The clinic has tried very hard to make sure, using digital technology, that my orthotics are the right fit."Juliet (60's), patient follow-up, November 2015

First-Class Attention

"First class attention from entering to leaving the clinic."
"Ian Sadler is a true professional."
"Hard to find a more committed team."Beryl (80's), patient follow-up, November 2015

17 Miles a Day

"We’re in the ramblers now, and last week we went walking in Scotland: 15, 16, 17 miles a day. They’re obviously working perfectly!"David (60's), patient follow-up, November 2015

Came Away with an Understanding of the Pain

"The initial contact following an email enquiry was timely and understanding of the discomfort I was feeling.
The initial consultation was in depth and I came away with an understanding of the pain I felt, a detailed explanation of where, why and how the pain/discomfort had reached the level it had. I was given recommendations of how my condition could be improved, with time."
Sarah (40's), patient follow-up, November 2015

Martine Is a Star

"Responding to initial call to clinic was very efficiently taken by James. Martine is a star: very approachable, friendly and efficient. Well done Martine, they should make you a partner! Nice to be offered a good coffee, thank you! You're doing a very good job. A strong team and setup, well done!
Professional. Punctual. Ian engages well with his clients. He explains fully but in terms that are readily understandable. Friendly, smiles, a very pleasant young man."
Anthony (<21), patient follow-up, November 2015

Instant Relief from All Symptoms

"A couple of years ago I started having trouble with my foot when walking. I had a severe burning sensation through my toes and pain under the ball of my foot. I saw my doctor who diagnosed fallen arches and referred me to an NHS podiatrist. There was a 3 month waiting list and I decided to see a podiatrist privately. I contacted Norfolk Biomechanics and got an appointment within days.
 The consultation was very thorough, professional and reasonably priced and it transpired my problem was caused by a worn out fat pad at the base of a toe.
Casts were taken of my feet and insoles made to correct the problem. Once supplied I had instant relief from all symptoms. I was very relieved but a little sad that I would no longer be able to wear heels. Norfolk Biomechanics have sourced sandals in Germany which come with insoles made to my exact prescription and after the initial outlay for the sandals with insoles I have since been able to purchase more sandals via the clinic (at much less cost) from the same company and now just transfer my insoles between sandals. To their credit Ian Sadler and James Chard have been very judicious where the sandals were concerned and didn’t let me have them until they were fully satisfied that the sandals were correctly made to my prescription - a process that did cause some delay, but am delighted with the sandals and it was well worth the wait.

I have recommended Norfolk Biomechanics to a fellow golfer who was suffering foot problems and she too is delighted with the service.
 Norfolk Biomechanics are a thoroughly professional and friendly clinic that I would not hesitate to recommend."
Barbara (60's), patient follow-up, August 2015

No More Need to Avoid Activitites

"I had two years of costly physio treatment for foot pain before my son, who is also a patient, convinced me to come and see BxClinic.
At the end of my first appointment, my husband commented to me that the assessment and plan for my treatment seemed 'absolutely spot on' and although the foot manipulations were a little more than uncomfortable initially, they made such an incredible difference, and I now have no more pain. Now that I've also had an insole fitted, I wear it constantly in my shoes, and have no pain, and no longer have to worry about what activities I won't be able to do because of my foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Everything has been fantastic and I'm thrilled."
Myrna (70's), patient follow-up, June 2015

No More Need to Avoid Activitites

"Saw Ian @UKBiomechanics in Norwich yesterday for an assessment of my foot pain. Great to finally know whats happening & what to do about it!"
Posted on Twitter Heidi (30's), Twitter, May 2015

Won a Triathlon

"Just thought I would let you know that I won my age category in this weekend's Triathlon. I feel most of my improvement was due to my faster time in the run. My running is so much better now the pain in my heel has gone."
"The improvement in my heel is a result of your diagnosis and subsequent remedial treatment. I had had a sore heel for almost two years but after your treatment/advice the pain has gone. Thanks for your help."Martin (50's), patient follow-up, March 2015

26-Mile Walk

"My current orthotics are great, and have made a considerable difference to my walking. I recently did a sponsored 26-mile walk along Hadrian's Wall without difficulty and was one of the first to finish!"Andrew (60's), patient follow-up, October 2015

No Pain, No Swelling, Just Comfort

"I have had very flat feet all of my life; even as a child my parents tried to get me some help. As a teenager and young woman, I had trouble finding shoes. By the time I was in my forties, I developed other problems. I suffered with back and calf pain, swollen ankles and numbness after long days on my feet. I heard about Norfolk Biomechanics through a friend. I made an appointment and was seen within a couple of weeks."
The examination included a walking assessment and was efficient and friendly. It was felt I would benefit from Orthotics to wear in my shoes. These were made specifically for my feet. They have been a great success and are very comfortable. I wear them up to 12 hours a day, and they fit into all of my shoes. These are what I now call “My New Feet” and I would not go out without them. No pain and no swelling just comfort. GREAT!!"Ruth (60's), patient follow-up, September 2015