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Halfway Through Army PTI Course

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Half Way Through

I am now half way through the Army Physical Training Instructor course.
So far my achy body is keeping up with the rest of the class. It has been an intense mixture of practical physical training and education delivery (how to teach soldiers how to get fit).

We have covered subjects as diverse as health and safety rules around arduous training, and daily nutrition for a balanced diet. I have been asked to share my particular knowledge with regard to running trainer selection, injury prevention while playing sport, and running skills and drills. I have also benefited from other specialists on the course, including dieticians and personal trainers.

We now move into a week of testing, which involves taking lessons ourselves, and partaking (I use the word to gentrify the experience) in around 7 training classes per day for the next 4 days, intermixed with written exams and an exercise to devise a training programme for a mythical soldier….

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    January 11 to 23. 2016

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