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Your hip, groin, pelvis and lower back are integral to the way you stand, walk and run. Each joint in your spine must move correctly to be biomechanically efficient. The smallest misalignments can cause pain. Common hip and groin problems such as hip bursitis, hip osteoarthritis, pulled muscles in the hip or groin (common in athletes particularly runners, footballers, tennis players), iliotibial band problems and piriformis syndrome can all be attributed to poor biomechanics.

At BxClinic, our Norfolk clinicians specialise in biomechanics. By using sophisticated gait analysis technology, we can pinpoint the underlying causes of your problem. We then recommend the appropriate hip pain treatment and groin pain treatment to address your issues. Stretches and Exercises or Orthoses (or a combination) will effectively correct the malfunctioning biomechanics in your hip and groin and eliminate pain.

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Orthoses for Hip & Groin Pain

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  • Many of the common hip and groin problems we see at Norfolk's BxClinic are caused by poorly functioning biomechanics.
    Examples include pulled muscles in the hip and groin caused by flat or high arched feet twisting the leg out of position. If your hip is rolling inward and outward too much or out of synchronisation with your foot, the constant rubbing will eventually cause arthritis of the hip. Leg length discrepancy can also cause hip pain.

    Orthoses are extremely effective at correcting poor biomechanics. Whether you are suffering pain in your daily life or you are an athlete whose performance is being hampered, we can prescribe our precision crafted orthotics (shoe insoles) tailored to fit your exact needs, including specific orthotics for runners and walkers. The orthotics will correct your body’s alignment and rebalance your muscles, reducing pressure and bringing hip and groin pain relief.


BxClinic specialises in biomechanics and we work within the scope of our practice and expertise to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for our patients. There are times when our assessments of a patient’s condition determine that the best course of treatment is with a clinician of a different expertise.

A good example of this might be groin pain that starts every time a patient goes for a run. On examination, it is discovered that despite having had treadmill gait analysis in a local sports shop, appropriate trainers would remove the problem completely. We work with several trainer companies and shops to ensure a proper understanding of patients' requirements. Understanding when pronation is a good thing, for example, is critical for correct trainer selection.

We work with a range of partners including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, Pilates teachers, sports rehabilitators and local specialist shops.

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