Reviews for Hip & Groin Treatments

We Value Your Feedback

We are excited to receive hip & groin pain treatment reviews online, as well as testimonials during patient follow-ups at our facility in Norwich, Norfolk. The feedback delights us and we implement it in our day-to-day practice.

This page lists reviews we've been collecting from patients who came to us with hip or groin pain, and who were prescribed treatment with orthoses, stretches and exercises, or both. As you'll be able to see, many of our patients have interrelated pain in more than one body area.

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Cannot Speak Highly Enough of the Team

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Norfolk Biomechanics for their professional help. I went to my local GP with my problem and was prescribed pain killers but after many months of not being able to walk without pain. I decided to contact Norfolk Biomechanics.
After a thorough examination on the first consultation with Ian Sadler he told me something I had not been aware of in my 65 years that I actually have 1 leg longer than the other which was the actual cause of my problem leading to the pain in my heel.
After discussing Ian’s findings next was the solution which was to have special insoles made to fit into my shoes and calf stretches to help with the problem, during the next few weeks with further consultations the pain in my heel had reduced Ian then suggested acupuncture to speed up the healing process I have just returned from my 3rd session and have to admit that my heel has not felt this good since my problem first developed I even jogged across the carpark to the car the other day but Ian told me to take it easy and not overdo it and give the healing more time.
I cannot speak highly enough of the team; thank you one and all."
Des (60's), patient follow-up, August 2015

Impressive Equipment

"Extremely prompt and professional."
"Very impressive equipment to diagnose problems. Help and advice readily available at appointments and any other time."Glynis (60's), patient follow-up, August 2014