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2022/23 Courses & Events

February 2022

  • 11th – Plantar Heel Pain Workshop in support of Pods Heal Heels

March 2022

  • 11th Special interest group – Plantar Heel Pain Workshop – Norwich

May 2022

  • 19th to 21st – 3D Orthotic Prescriber: Essentials – Norwich, Norfolk (Maximum 9 Places)

September 2022

  • 24th to 26th – Body Control Pilates Development Weekend Conference – Royal College of Physicians London

October 2022

  • 6th to 8th – 3D Orthotic Prescriber: Essentials – Banbury, Oxfordshire (Maximum 9 Places)

November 2022

  • 3rd to 5th – 3D Orthotic Prescriber: Essentials – Norwich, Norfolk (Maximum 9 Places)

Mr. Ian Sadler: BxLearn’s Course Director

Ian’s passion is helping people stay healthy and achieve their goals. Ian’s there to support patients from running their first half marathon, to keeping up with the grandchildren.

Ian began his career in clinical biomechanics by developing digital gait analysis technologies for academic and clinical use. He then worked as an orthotic insole consultant to several of the UK’s leading manufacturing laboratories, and has consulted on official standards of military footwear.

Since starting his own clinic in 2008, Ian has delivered clinical biomechanics seminars, workshops and training for RSscan Lab Ltd, ICB Medical, JPM Products, DLT Podiatry and LBG medical on all areas of clinical biomechanics and orthotic therapy, and is a regular guest lecturer to Body Control Pilates, the UK’s leading Pilates teacher training organisation. He has done his fair share of Women’s Institute and breakfast business meeting talks too!

Most recently Ian has been working to develop 3D printed Orthotic Insoles, creating clinical protocols and prescription processes to bring this exciting new technology to the clinical coal face.

Recent Testimonials

Lynne Robinson

Founder, Body Control Pilates

We have worked with Ian for several years and have found his approach to be a perfect fit for our Pilates teachers. Ian is very generous in sharing his knowledge and his courses are always fully booked. It’s rare to find a presenter and practitioner who both enlightens and entertains.

Gary Roberts

LBG Medical

As LBG’s UK Sales Manager, I have had the pleasure of seeing Ian lecture on a several occasions when he’s been running our Biomechanics courses. His course content is always well delivered and he engages the audience well. The feedback that we receive is always very positive.

Nena Jukes


Ian was superb and his experience in treating people with running related problems really shone through. It was aimed at just the right level so that all of the participants kept up to speed even though it was a multidisciplinary group.

Lynley Otterburn

Body Control Pilates

For me, it was the perfect location and setting for this training. Theory and practice in the morning and afternoon – brilliant!

What Courses Do We Offer?

1) Special Interest Workshop Series

Our Workshops will educate as well as enliven you and your team. Our specialised workshops range from diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions such at Plantar Fasciitis, to treating sports or activity specific injuries, such as Injury Prevention or Running Biomechanics.

Contact us on 01603 327999 to discuss a workshop for you or your team.

2) 3D Orthotics Prescriber: Essentials

    “3D Orthotic Prescribers: Essentials” is an in-depth theory and practice workshop. In 3 days, you will leave with a solid understanding and practiced clinical skills to prescribe orthotic insoles ready to use in your clinic ‘on Monday’. You will be introduced to new concepts of 3D printing. This technology allows your orthotic insole prescriptions to be both ‘firm’ and ‘soft’ without adding bulk or complicated additions, producing more precise, more repeatable and more loved orthotic prescriptions.’

    This is a standalone clinical course, equipping you to be a proficient and independent 3D Orthotic Insole prescriber. You may also find it is the start of your Orthotic Prescriber journey…

    The complete training is £1350 per person, including; lunch and refreshments each day and, a package of materials worth well over £1000 for your clinic, this includes 6 free prescription orthotic insoles for you to use in your clinic and gain confidence with your new skills.
    Places are limited to 9 for each course. This is to ensure you get the time and attention you need to get what you need from the course. .

    3) 3D Orthotics Prescribers: Next Steps

    This training follows on from the 3D Orthotic Prescribers Essetials course. Now you are an experienced 3D Orthotic Insole prescriber, we will advance your prescribing skills to address a variety of issues for your clients. Covering topics from Leg Length Discrepancy to under-pronation (Commonly termed ‘Supinators’), this course will take you through a pelvic and lumbar spinal assessment. You will also add more prescriptive power to your Orthotic Insole design.

    4) Customised ‘In Clinic’ Biomechanics and Orthotic Insole Training.

    We can build you a customised training package to meet the needs of your clinic, building from the established knowledge and experience of your team.

    This customised training will up-skill and energise your team, and improve clinical outcomes for your clients.
    Customised trainings range from; easing the introduction of 3D printing technology to your clinic, to enhancing your team’s Biomechanical understanding in diagnosis and treatment across a variety of conditions. Our trainings align the entire team to the same ‘biomechanical page.’

    We can build a training package to best suit the needs of you and your team.
    Give us a call on 01603 327999 to discuss all or any of these needs. POA.

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