Everything's Running Smoothly - Foot & Ankle Problems Workshop

Teaching Foot Anatomy at Body Control Pilates

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Foot & Ankle Problems: How to Identify Them and What to Do With Them

We’re really pleased to be able to say that is the third time BxClinic will be running this ½ day workshop at Body Control Pilates in London.

We usually have about 30 attendees, and I’ll be covering the anatomy of the foot and ankle, making it really relevant by describing and exploring some of the common conditions which Pilates teachers may be seeing in their classes.

In terms of practical skills, I’ll be teaching how to visually identify problems in the area of the foot and ankle, and then describing what pilates teachers can do themselves to help, as well as detailing the appropriate referral pathways when further intervention is required.

  • Date

    March 3, 2016

  • Location

    The Body Control Pilates Centre
    35 Little Russell Street
    London WC1A 2HH England - (Map)

  • Who's attending

    BCP Certified Teachers

  • Feet and Ankles
  • The London Eye

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