For New Patients

If you have pain or discomfort in the lower limbs, or you have other symptoms that a clinician you’ve seen suspects are caused by your lower limb function, then please get in touch and come and see us.

For Returning Patients

We send out emails yearly suggesting you come in for a BxReview appointment. These half-hour appointments are completely voluntary, and their purpose is simply to determine that any regimes (i.e. stretch programmes or orthotics) that have previously been prescribed are still optimal for you. If we haven’t seen you for two years, we’ll insist on a BxReview appointment to check everything’s OK before making a repeat prescription.

About Costs

BxInsight appointments have a fee of £95. BxDiscovery appointment has a fee of £195.

About Assessments

No. We especially chose a clinic location that has a ten-metre room to be able to use a fixed pressure plate walking assessment system. There is enough evidence that the way we walk on a treadmill differs from the way we walk on normal ground to convince us that it is currently a poor clinical tool. It is our observation that the way one moves on a treadmill, where the ground is being pulled from underneath, is sufficiently different to the walking step over the ground, that fixed plate gait analysis is the preferred and most sophisticated means of assessment currently available.


The terms insoles, orthotics, orthoses and shoe inserts are commonly used by patients and therapists alike to describe the devices which we prescribe. While the terms are interchangeable, wherever possible we use the words orthotics and orthoses to describe objects whose primary purpose and function is a medical and biomechanical one and other terms such as insoles and inserts when the purpose is non-medical (i.e. where comfort is the primary purpose). To be clear, foot-shaped products that are readily available for purchase on the high street, or alongside trainers, are insoles, being designed for comfort and shock absorption.

About Footwear

Yes, absolutely. If you’re considering new trainers or other footwear, book in for a BxInsight appointment. We’ll look at what you’re currently wearing, listen to your requirements and difficulties in choosing, and come up with some suggestions regarding the sorts of properties you might consider. We avoid advising particular makes and models, because manufacturers modify their ranges frequently. However, we have worked with several local shops to produce a "Footwear Recipe" and they are familiar with the language we use to describe requirements to our patients. In short, we’ll help you make the best decisions you can for your footwear, with your anatomy and requirements taken into consideration.

General Clinic Questions

We have clinics each day from Monday to Thursday. For up-to-date scheduling, please see our Contact page. Green text at the top of each page indicates whether we're open at the moment, too, so give us a call if you'd like to check.

Before Appointments

We send out appointment confirmations immediately upon booking, which will outline any steps required before coming to see us. Typically, there’s a patient history questionnaire to be completed online, which gives patients the opportunity to tell us about what’s brought them to us and to outline their medical history. It also affords us the time to understand and read in greater depth about your medical history and in particular any surgeries you may have had, helping us to offer you the best service possible.

Technology and Security

We’re concerned about it, too. In fact, our Practice Manager has a background in IT consultancy and places great importance on security, above and beyond our legal requirements. We are a registered Data Controller, and have many and varied security protocols in place to protect your data. All connections to our website (not just the forms and questionnaire you complete) are secured - just look in the footer of this website for some of the accreditation logos representing our commitment to internet security.

About This Website

Reading through long web pages is seldom a luxury we can afford, and we’ve employed experts in their fields to design this site so that it’s easy on the eye, rich in information and straightforward to navigate. However, to hone in directly on the information you’re interested in, please consider using the website’s search engine (click on the little spyglass at the top right of each page) and type the text you’re looking for.
In producing this list of frequently asked questions, we’ve done our best to categorise the questions in a way that is most useful for our patients, but please submit any further questions you may have, or suggestions for changes, using the contact form and we’ll make additional improvements.