Reviews for Pelvis & Back Treatments

We Value Your Feedback

We are excited to receive pelvis & back pain treatment reviews online, as well as testimonials during patient follow-ups at our facility in Norwich, Norfolk. The feedback delights us and we implement it in our day-to-day practice.

This page lists reviews we've been collecting from patients who came to us with pelvis or back pain, and who were prescribed treatment with orthotics, stretches and exercises, or both. As you'll be able to see, many of our patients have interrelated pain in more than one body area.

To share your own story and help other patients find the right treatment for their pelvis or back problem, please post to our FacebookGoogle or Scoot pages, or email to

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Very Happy

"Excellent consultations every time, with considered and constructive advice from a professional practitioner."
"The orthotic I am now using has been effective in helping to realign my skeleton to compensate for me having one leg shorter than the other - I am very happy, and so is my osteopath."Stephen (60's), patient follow-up, December 2015

Amazing Clinic

"Such an amazing clinic! Thanks to Ian's expertise I now know why I've had so many problems with my legs and back and have the orthotics to fix it!"
Posted on Facebook reviewsLauren (20's), Facebook, December 2015

New Feet

"I am now aged 62, and I live in Suffolk with my husband. My days are filled with being a busy housewife and grandmother. I have had very flat feet all of my life, even as a child my parents tried to get me some help. As a teenager and young woman, I had trouble finding shoes. By the time I was in my forties, I developed other problems. I suffered with back and calf pain, swollen ankles and numbness after long days on my feet.
Before attending an appointment with the Norfolk Biomechanics Clinic I had tried the following; 1999: I visited a chiropractor as it was thought the trouble was coming from my back. 2002: Saw a chiropodist / podiatrist and tried different things with my shoes. 2004: Physiotherapist. I tried exercise and was referred to hospital. 2004: West Suffolk Hospital Orthopaedic Dept. All the above were of little or no help and my symptoms persisted.
I heard about Norfolk Biomechanics through a friend. I made an appointment and was seen within a couple of weeks. The examination included a walking assessment and was efficient and friendly. It was felt I would benefit from Orthotics to wear in my shoes. These were made specifically for my feet. They have been a great success, and are very comfortable. I wear them up to 12 hours a day, and they fit into all of my shoes. These are what I now call "My New Feet" and I would not go out without them. No pain and no swelling just comfort. GREAT!!"
Posted on, Testimonials tab
Mrs. RJ (60's),, June 2015