Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition and can manifest in lots of different ways. Ian Sadler, BxClinic's clinical director, has over 20 years of clinical experience treating heel pain in the military, elite athletes as well as for you and me, and he has used this experience to develop a 'heel pain kit' to help those with 'true' plantar fasciitis. Watch the video below then take our quiz to find out if the kit is for you.


By answering the questions below you will be guided to discover if this heel pain kit is the right thing for you, or if you may need some other help with your heel pain. It will take you less than a minute, just answer the first question to begin....

To start the quiz again, just refresh/reload this page. 

Listen in to our Clinical Director, Ian Sadler being interviewed in the #PodsHealHeelsPodcast below: