Shin & Calf Pain Treatments

You’ll soon be joining in the shindig again!


“I have persistent lower leg pain in my shin”; “I get calf pain after exercising”; “My Achilles’ tendon hurts”. We hear these statements frequently when people come to Norfolk's BxClinic seeking Achilles, shin and calf pain treatment.

Shin splints (shin bone pain), calf pain and Achilles tendon problems are frequently caused by increasing your activity levels too quickly, significantly increasing demand on muscles, or inappropriate footwear. These conditions commonly, but not exclusively, affect sports participants, particularly runners and jumping sports. Pain relief is often achieved through total rest. However, if your pain persists then you almost certainly have an underlying biomechanical problem (malfunctioning lower body synchronisation). Shin splint, calf and Achilles pain and other shin and calf conditions are a common consequence of poor biomechanics.

Norfolk's BxClinic provides biomechanics expertise. Using foot pressure analysis, we will find the underlying cause of your shin and calf pain and provide relief through acupuncture treatment, exercises or orthotics as appropriate. Take a look at these treatment pages to see how they will help to rid you of your pain.

Shin Pain Treatments


  • The muscles in the shin and calf do a remarkably hard job. They connect the knee and ankle like a lever and a hinge, enabling us to move in all directions. Given this constant pressure, it is not surprising that sometimes parts break down.

    At BxClinic in Norwich, we often use chronic pain acupuncture for shin and calf pain treatment to provide acute pain relief. Acupuncture stimulates acupuncture points on the body reducing stress on the tissue that speeds healing.

    Shin acupuncture is good for runners and walkers prone to shin splints as it quickly loosens tight muscles bringing pain relief. Calf muscle acupuncture works well on tight calves affecting people who exercise intensively. Calf acupuncture is also beneficial for calf cramp. Once your pain is under control, we carry out gait analysis to discover the underlying cause of your problem and prescribe treatment for pain elimination or long-term pain management.


BxClinic specialises in biomechanics and we work within the scope of our practice and expertise to deliver the best possible care and outcomes for our patients. There are times when our assessments of a patient’s condition determine that the best course of treatment is with a clinician of a different expertise.

A good example of this might be a runner complaining of shin pain after a run, which we find is caused by insufficient hip function. Treating the shin pain would be incorrect so we would refer to a clinician better suited to helping with hip problems. Where appropriate we may also refer patients for scans.

We work with a range of partners including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, Pilates teachers, sports rehabilitators and local specialist shops.

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What Patients Say

  • Gen

    Treated with orthotics, stretches and exercises

    “After a short, but thorough assessment, I was prescribed my own, individualised orthotic insoles and since then I have not looked back."

  • Simon

    Back to running and football

    “Within a few days the pain was relieved and I have since returned to running and playing football and really feel I have rolled the clock back ten years."