Training for Soldiers and Army Recruits

Training for Soldiers and Army Recruits

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In the second week of the new year Ian will be away with the army. After 7 years as a British Army Physical Training Instructor it is time to head off for some refresher training. Despite being 7 years older, slower and fatter Ian hopes to keep up with he new breed of Army PTIs: “I am hoping that wisdom and experience will keep me ahead of the crowd” said Ian as he put his final preparation runs in.

After passing the physical entry requirements the course will mainly consist of teaching anatomy and sports physiology, along with the preparation and control of training programmes and lesson structures. Ian has a wealth of experience directing physical training for soldiers and Army recruits, and is looking forward to learning the Army’s latest thoughts on ‘progressive training techniques in a robust physical environment’ as the Army pamphlet calls it. ‘Army Bootcamp’ as the rest of us know it!

He’ll be posting updates during the course.

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    January 11 to 23. 2016

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